Xin Yi

Software R&D Engineer

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging


I am currently working for Circle focusing on developing techniques for cardiac image analysis. Before that, I have spent 7 years in academia, first as a PhD student in general image processing and then as a postdoctoral fellow in medical image analysis.

Although my passion for computer vision comes from T-800, the terminator, I hope my work will benefit human being and make the world a better place.

Recent Publications

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Computer-aided Assessment of Catheters and Tubes onRadiographs: How Good Is Artificial Intelligence for Assessment?

Catheters are the second most common abnormal findings on radiographs. The position of catheters must be assessed on all radiographs, …

Generative Adversarial Network in Medical Imaging: A Review

Generative adversarial networks have gained a lot of attention in general computer vision community due to their capability of data …

Automatic Catheter and Tube Detection in Pediatric X-ray Images Using a Scale-Recurrent Network and Synthetic Data

Catheters are commonly inserted life supporting devices. Because serious complications can arise from malpositioned catheters, X-ray …

Unsupervised and semi-supervised learning with Categorical Generative Adversarial Networks assisted by Wasserstein distance for dermoscopy image Classification

Melanoma is a curable aggressive skin cancer if detected early. Typically, the diagnosis involves initial screening with subsequent …

Sharpness-aware low dose CT denoising using conditional generative adversarial network

Low Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) has offered tremendous benefits in radiation restricted applications, but the quantum noise as …